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Gables Hispanic Cultural Foundation

Rose Healing Candle Soy Wax 10oz

Rose Healing Candle Soy Wax 10oz

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Homemade with Love. 10 oz in Glass

Aromatherapy is about healing through scent and touch. There are many ways to incorporate it into your life but here are a few of our tried & true favorites: diffusing essential oils at home, turning your entire space into a garden oasis. You can use candles (which also create a romantic, glowing ambience) or spray a mist if you prefer a softer influence. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your bath for a steamy soak.

Roses are deeply connected to the heart, naturally bringing out an essence of love and romance within us. Indulging in rose aromatherapy is a beautiful way to show love to yourself. It is emotionally soothing, known to help improve mood, and can boost your confidence. It helps bring out the best feelings in your heart so you can connect with yourself and others in a deeply loving way.

Rose aromatherapy is known for helping people combat anxiety, allowing them to let more positivity into their lives. It clears the cloudy stress that can fog up your mind with a sweet sense of love and ease. No wonder we use the phrase “feeling rosey” to mean feeling good, hopeful, optimistic, and full of joy! Rose essential oil has an especially affectionate feeling to it, something that brings together your senses and desire, as the aroma is known to boost the libido too! 

All our candles are Reiki Charged, with Natural Crystals, Organic Soy and Essential Oils. These candles last 24 Hours Plus. All made with Love.


Thank you to all our partners for sponsoring our page and continue to support the Hispanic foundation, with your support we make possible our events that brings the community together , businesses, corporations, neighbor city’s and all of the cultures around the world.

A portion of all sales from our sponsors and stores goes to our foundation. Thank you for your support.

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